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Phone scammers posing as deputies

Originally published as an Amador County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post: “An old scam is once again circulating around Amador County.   Numerous residents have reported to the Sheriff’s Office that


Phone scammers pose as landlords

Originally published as a Lakeport Police Department Facebook post –  “The Lakeport Police Department is continuing to receive reports of theft through false pretenses involving rental properties. It is being


Alert out about another phone scam

Originally published as a Plumas County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post –  “The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office has been made aware of a new telephonic scam/con currently in operation in Plumas


Yuba City PD issues press release on IRS phone scam

Originally published via Facebook by the Yuba City Police Department: “The Yuba City Police Department would like to warn community members about an ongoing phone scam. If you get a

Del Norte

Sheriff Apperson Goes Fishing and Hooks a Scammer

DEL NORTE – An interested “buyer” began a conversation with Apperson about buying a motorcycle. (See link for the full conversation). The asking price of the motorcycle? $750.  Apperson gave the


Phone Scammers Persist in Their Unlawful Attempts

MAMMOTH LAKES – Crime knows no geographical boundaries.  People in the idyllic northern California counties may think they have escaped the insidious reaches of crooks and criminals, but that isn’t

Los Angeles

IRS Phone Scam Alert From EL Segundo PD

EL SEGUNDO — An alert has been issued by El Segundo PD regarding the latest phone scam. Sophisticated and threatening IRS demand-for-payment calls are being reported by citizens. The callers’

San Bernardino

IRS Phone Scams on the Rise, Say Redlands Police

REDLANDS – Police are raising awareness that IRS telephone scams are on the rise, hoping the public doesn’t fall prey to phony callers as the tax deadline approaches. Police spokesman

San Bernardino

Police Agency Warning to Elderly: Beware of Phone Scammers

REDLANDS – Police departments in Redlands and San Bernardino are reporting scams that target senior citizens, along with other unsuspecting citizens. Carl Baker, spokesman for Redlands police, said area departments


San Rafael PD Alerts Public to Jury Duty Phone Scam

SAN RAFAEL – San Rafael Police Department has issued a warning to the public about a phone scam involving the impersonation of sheriff’s deputies demanding bail. Multiple reports from residents