Sheriff Apperson Goes Fishing and Hooks a Scammer

Sheriff Apperson Goes Fishing and Hooks a Scammer

DEL NORTE – An interested “buyer” began a conversation with Apperson about buying a motorcycle. (See link for the full conversation).

The asking price of the motorcycle? $750.  Apperson gave the Del Norte Sheriff’s Office address as his contact point, without revealing this to the other party.

The anonymous person said that he was a “pediatrician attending to children.”  Then he added that his wife is a cancer patient going through surgery.

The drama continued as a check for $2,860 came to Apperson. The “buyer” made plans to have the balance mailed back to him. (Do you see where he was trying to direct this?).

This is where Apperson decided to have more fun, saying that the cops discovered it was a fraudulent check and what should he do?  He further purported that he is on probation and doesn’t want to get into more trouble.

The “buyer” held on, still trying to get money sent to him in some way.  He said, “I am a very God fearing man, and I believed that whatsoever we do in life, we must apply God’s Fearing. Pls kindly proceed to Money Gram and have the Money sent. Then get back to me with the Money Gram 8 Digit Reference Number.”

He later got testy and said, “what is going on? are you trying to rip me or what? remember that I have your full name, address and telephone number to take a legal action.”

The fraudster even said he spoke to “Sergeant Paul Tillery” in his fake attempt to make sure things were okay.

Well, the back and forth continues hilariously until, at the end, Apperson says, “I’m a cop.”  Then there is silence.

Finally, this is a humorous story that reminds us all to be careful and watch out for scammers. Sometimes you can even have a little fun.



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