Jail Drug Smuggling Arrest

Jail Drug Smuggling Arrest
Photo: Scene of Arrest | Del Norte County Sheriffs Office

On April 25th, 2023, at around 4 PM, the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office (DNSO) executed a search warrant at 1030 K Street in Crescent City. The search was conducted following multiple complaints from residents about suspicious activity in the area. On April 19th, Roxanne Hamilton was arrested at the same location by DNSO deputies, and it was later discovered by correctional staff that she had smuggled over an ounce of Fentanyl into the jail.

The Fentanyl recovered by correctional staff, along with the community’s complaints, aided in obtaining the search warrant. During the search, four individuals were detained and identified for further investigation. DNSO deputies are currently completing their reports on the evidence found at the location.

Del Norte County Code Enforcement and the District Attorney’s office are working in conjunction with the DNSO on the case. Roxanne Hamilton is currently being held at the Del Norte County Jail under Health and Safety code sections 11350 for possession for sale, 11352 for transportation of narcotics for sale, and penal code section 4573 for bringing a controlled substance into a correctional facility.

Sheriff Scott commended the teamwork between the DNSO deputies and correctional staff in curbing the Fentanyl epidemic in the community, emphasizing that it remains a top priority for the department. The collaboration between the DNSO and the District Attorney’s Office in this case was also praised.

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