Stop of Bicyclist Yields Meth

Stop of Bicyclist Yields Meth
Photo: CCPD display what Caldera possessed

CRESCENT CITY – So often we read stories of where law enforcement makes a routine traffic stop on a car or truck and the stop yields a drug arrest.

However, on February 15 the CCPD made a stop of a bicyclist for “several vehicle code violations.”


Caldera’s Meth

The stop escalated when the bicyclist “became uncooperative and then combative.”

33-year-old Humberto S. Caldera (he has since this incident turned 34), was detained, arrested and charged, as police discovered 23.7 grams of meth, as well as other paraphernalia and cash, that one Facebook reader described as a “small bank roll.”

Caldera’s charges included resisting arrest, resisting with force and possession of a controlled substance for sale.


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