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Santa Barbara

Drunken Threats Lead to Weapons Arrest

Photo: Timothy Wayne Johnson Santa Barbara County –  A 911 Emergency call late on the morning of July 27th came in concerning a man’s drunken threats.  Deputies responded to a


Suspect Arrested for Threatening Employees at Pizza Parlor

Photo: Butler’s Knife EMERYVILLE — The normally relaxed atmosphere at a pizza parlor turned ugly last Sunday night. Police arrested an unwelcome visitor carrying a knife who threatened employees as

Santa Barbara

Female Getaway Driver Arrested After Fleeing a ‘Possible Robbery’

Photo: Maryam Burgazi Santa Barbara County – The deputy deemed it a “possible robbery.” The robbery never happened. Walking into a gas station convenience store at midnight while wearing a

Del Norte

Sheriff Apperson Goes Fishing and Hooks a Scammer

DEL NORTE – An interested “buyer” began a conversation with Apperson about buying a motorcycle. (See link for the full conversation). The asking price of the motorcycle? $750.  Apperson gave the


Carr Fire Brings Out Those Who Commit Crimes

Photo: Jacob Taylor REDDING – The large Carr fire continues to wreak its havoc in northern California. In response to the fire law enforcement will often issue evacuation orders to


Drug Bust Leads to Credit Card, Counterfeit Fraud Operation

Photo: Credit card fraud LOS BANOS – It started as a drug bust following the common traffic stop on July 12 at 6:15 p.m. A LBPD officer made the stop


Transient in Vacant House Had Nunchucks, Gun, Drugs

Photo: Garrick Edward Hornlein FORT BRAGG – A concerned citizen’s call brought the MCSD to a vacant house where they discovered a transient holed up. On July 17 the citizen


83 Arrests of One Person for Petty Theft Since Proposition 47

Photo: Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer (KSEE24) FRESNO – The passage of Proposition 47 has possibly opened the door to cases like the one Chief Jerry Dyer alludes to. In


Couple Who Steals Together… Are Arrested and Separated

Photo: Sierra Baize FRESNO – Police arrested a couple in connection with a serious of burglaries plaguing north Fresno. The pair burglarized at least six convenience stores and/or gas stations,

Los Angeles

LA Fitness Locker Thieves Caught with Lots of Loot

Photo: display of stolen goods SANTA CLARITA – Three LA Fitness gyms in the area experienced incidents of thefts from its customers.  The thieves stole handbags, wallets and credit cards