LA Fitness Locker Thieves Caught with Lots of Loot

LA Fitness Locker Thieves Caught with Lots of Loot
Photo: display of stolen goods

SANTA CLARITA – Three LA Fitness gyms in the area experienced incidents of thefts from its customers.  The thieves stole handbags, wallets and credit cards from lockers as well as vehicles parked at the gym.

These incidents spanned the lass few months. Then, investigators identified and arrested two suspects in the thievery.

Officers arrested 31-year-old Kali Draves and 29-year-old Louis Hanna on July 23 at a Castaic motel.

The duo admitted their role in the thefts. They also spoke of their plan to head to another LA Fitness for another burglary.

In addition, their motel room held various handbags, wallets, driver’s licenses, payroll checks, credit cards, mail, key fobs and jewelry.

They also had key “that are commonly used to open community mailboxes.”

Subsequently, the pair face 10 felony counts and 5 misdemeanor counts “that range from commercial burglary to grand theft charges.”

Draves and Hanna have victimized at least 18 people, but investigators think there may be more.

“Anyone who believes they may have been a victim or has information on a similar crime can contact the Crime Impact Team at 661-255-1121 ext. 4414.”

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