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Mendocino County authorities find $60K in stolen checks during enforcement stop

Photo: Stock / Unsplash Four people, including one juvenile, have reportedly been arrested after the discovery of a large amount of stolen mail and other items during a traffic stop

Santa Barbara

Freeway Chase Ends with Arrests of Suspected Catalytic Converter Thieves

August 3, 2022 – Santa Barbara, Ca. With little apparent ability to interrupt the marketplace for the precious metals found inside of the catalytic converters found in the undercarriage of


A Vigilant Community Member for the Win!

Photo: Photo of the Scene Story Published By:  Elk Grove Police Dept. Facebook Page: “Little after midnight on Wednesday in the area of Dino Drive, a vigilant community member, who

San Luis Obispo

Trio sought in alleged grand theft at Cambria business

Originally published as a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office press release: “On 7-22-22, Deputies responded to a report of grand theft which had occurred at business in Cambria which


Mendocino County woman accused of embezzlement and grand theft

Photo: Kassandra Phillips Originally published as a Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office press release:  “On 06-02-2022 the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation into a possible embezzlement case. The case


Ventura County real estate pro accused of grand theft

July 27, 2022 – Ventura County, Ca. As if housing costs throughout Southern California weren’t onerous enough, the notable arrest of a licensed real estate professional who stands accused of

San Mateo

Hit-and-run, vehicle theft suspect apprehended within hours of collision in San Mateo

Above: Accident scene following collision | All photos courtesy of San Mateo PD San Mateo police reportedly arrested a hit-and-run collision suspect within hours of the incident. 19-year-old Fredy Marroquin


Investigators seek public’s help in identifying suspect in 500-gallon fuel theft

Photo: theft suspect Originally published as a Kern County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post: “The Kern County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a suspect wanted for a


Man arrested on suspicion of stealing copper wire

VENTURA COUNTY — In a case of might appear at first blush as a recycling effort gone to illegal extremes, 33-year-old Santa Paula resident Sergio Vasquez Gutierrez, on active probation


Mammoth Lakes catalytic converter thefts: Two arrested, two at large

Photo: Recovered catalytic converters Originally published as a Mammoth Lakes Police Department Facebook post: “On Thursday, June 23, at approximately 11:45pm, Mammoth Lakes Police Officers responded to a local auto