Sheriff’s Office Apprehends Suspects in Big Pine Fuel Theft Case

Sheriff’s Office Apprehends Suspects in Big Pine Fuel Theft Case

The Office of the Sheriff, County of Inyo, released a statement regarding a recent incident of theft at the Big Pine Shell Station. According to the press release dated May 11, 2024, deputies were dispatched to the station following a report of stolen diesel fuel. The theft, which occurred on May 10th, amounted to 3650 gallons of diesel fuel missing from the station’s tanks.

Upon reviewing security footage, it was observed that an individual utilized a flatbed freightliner truck to transfer fuel into a toolbox adjacent to the truck’s cab, rather than into the designated gas tanks. Another vehicle, described as a white lifted GMC pickup truck, was noted to have assisted in manipulating the fuel pump before both vehicles departed the scene.

Following up on the incident, deputies returned to the Big Pine Shell station on May 12th at approximately 11:00 pm. They discovered the same vehicles involved in the previous theft, with the freightliner again pumping diesel fuel into the toolbox container instead of the designated tanks. Simultaneously, a lifted GMC pickup was observed parking at a nearby Chevron station.

Subsequently, deputies detained the drivers of both vehicles, identified as Omar Reyes Galvez, 32, and Jose Gutierrez Estrada, 30, both from Moreno Valley, CA. They were arrested on charges of Grand Theft, with the stolen fuel estimated to be valued at over $25,000.

Authorities noted similarities between this incident and previous fuel thefts in Inyo County. Investigations are ongoing in collaboration with local, state, and federal agencies to address potential links to wider criminal activities focused on fuel theft, including digital manipulation of fuel pumps.

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