Carr Fire Brings Out Those Who Commit Crimes

Carr Fire Brings Out Those Who Commit Crimes
Photo: Jacob Taylor

REDDING – The large Carr fire continues to wreak its havoc in northern California. In response to the fire law enforcement will often issue evacuation orders to help protect lives.

When an evacuation order is in place, those with nefarious intentions often violate the order for criminal purposes.

On July 30 at about 6:00 p.m. a CHP officer saw a male driving a quad in a fenced area.  The officer stopped 39-year-old Jacob Taylor and noticed the that quad’s ignition was “punched.” This means that the vehicle may be stolen.

As a result, the officer contacted the quad’s real owner, who left it in her garage and had evacuated.  Deputies went to he owner’s house in the 16000 block of South View Drive.  They discovered the front door open.

Taylor’s charges after his arrest are for grand theft vehicle and possession of a stolen vehicle. Then, he also faces residential burglary and looting charges.

Furthermore, Officers will continue to patrol the areas affected by the Carr fire.

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