Redding Man Saws Off Hands after Stabbing Father Multiple Times

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Department arrested a man from Redding in a bizarre attack that occurred on June 17th. The man, 27 year-old Jason Dunn, was taken into custody last Friday after stabbing his father multiple times with scissors.

Jason Dunn

The stabbing was reported at 21066 Scheer Drive in Redding. When Deputies arrived at the scene, they found Dunn’s father, Gregory Dunn, lying on the driveway suffering from multiple stab wounds. They found Jason standing nearby on the driveway as well, with both of his hands severed at the wrists. Both men were later taken to a local for treatment.

Based off the statements both men gave to investigators, it was determined that Jason and his father had been in an argument, which resulted in Jason stabbing his father with a pair of scissors, and then went on to sever both of his hands with a power saw.

According to authorities, Dunn’s arrest was made months after the incident because investigators wanted to ensure that they had a complete case against Dunn.

Dunn was charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, with his bail was set at $575,000. He plead not guilty during his arraignment hearing in a Shasta County Superior Court Monday afternoon.

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