Woman Arrested for Passing Fake Checks

Jamie Danielle Garland, 31

Jamie Danielle Garland, 31, of Anderson might have thought she found a shortcut to profitable living as she used forged checks and another’s woman’s identity to buy merchandise. She was arrested and booked into Shasta County Jail on Thursday, January 3, after an investigation that lasted for more than a month.

On November 28, the Redding Police Department received a report from North State Recycling that someone used forged checks from their bank account in Redding, Anderson, Cottonwood, and Red Bluff. During the investigation, investigators found that the checks were being used under the identity of a woman who had her purse stolen on November 25 in Anderson. The investigators later found different video surveillance from businesses where the checks were being used. The videos revealed a white woman using the fictitious checks. The investigators were able to identify her as Garland.

The Police Department then served a search warrant at Garland’s residence on Second Street in Anderson. There the investigators found the merchandise Garland bought with fictitious checks, which was worth of about $3,000. They also found seven pounds of marijuana, the hardware for printing checks and a stolen purse of a woman whose identity Garland used. In addition, the search revealed the wigs and hair coloring she used to match the identity of the victim.

Garland was interviewed after the search warrant and arrested. She is held for forgery, passing fictitious checks, identity theft, and possession of marijuana.

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