Couple Who Steals Together… Are Arrested and Separated

Couple Who Steals Together… Are Arrested and Separated
Photo: Sierra Baize

FRESNO – Police arrested a couple in connection with a serious of burglaries plaguing north Fresno.

The pair burglarized at least six convenience stores and/or gas stations, some targeted multiplied times, since June 17th. NW and NE police investigations units worked with the Career Criminal Apprehension Team to investigate leads. They narrowed in on a couple believed responsible for at least six of those burglaries.


Keith Christensen

Surveillance footage appears to show 30-year old Keith Christensen breaking into 6 stores. Meanwhile his girlfriend, 38-year old Sierra Baize, played the role of getaway driver in at least 3 burglaries.

Their target items and timing remained constant throughout their spree. They broke into stores in the early morning hours, their haul including several cartons of Marlboro cigarettes and lottery tickets.

Between robberies, the couple spent their day driving around in a grey Nissan Altima registered to Baize. They stopped in random parking lots looking for vehicles to break into.

Investigation continues into unsolved vehicle break-ins in areas where the couple frequented. Investigators believe they also may have occupied their time using methamphetamines.

Officers pulled the duo over on July 22nd on Palm and Herndon.

Once a search warrant was issued, investigators searched their towed vehicle. They found burglary tools and confirmed stolen items in the car as well as potential evidence of more burglaries.

During questioning, Christensen, already facing an unrelated vehicle burglary charge, confessed to four of the commercial burglaries and two attempted burglaries. Baize confirmed she was the driver in two burglaries and one attempted burglary.

The six businesses targeted are located at the following addresses:

5783 North Palm (76 Station)
1785 West Shaw (Kwik Service)
6745 North West (Jacks Car Wash)
2930 East Nees (JK Liquor)
610 East Nees (Walgreen’s)
5650 North Fig Garden Drive (Shell Station)

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