Phone scammers posing as deputies

Phone scammers posing as deputies
Originally published as an Amador County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post:
“An old scam is once again circulating around Amador County.  

Numerous residents have reported to the Sheriff’s Office that they received a call from an individual identifying themselves as a deputy with our office.  The caller tells the individual that they have a warrant for their arrest and if they do not provide some type of monetary compensation they will be placed under arrest.  Typically, the scammers direct people to purchase gift cards and provide the caller with the card’s number over the phone.  

The Sheriff’s Office will NEVER request you purchase gift cards or demand your money in order to prevent an arrest.  If you receive a call from somebody identifying themselves as an employee of the Sheriff’s Office and you are uncertain of the validity of the call, please hang-up and call the Sheriff’s Office directly.”

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