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Sheriff’s Office: Man accused of stealing horse says animal was actually stolen from him

A Kings County man was recently arrested for allegedly stealing a horse and reportedly told investigators the horse had actually been stolen from him, and that he’d simply taken the


Man charged with murder, woman charged as accessory in fatal North Sunrise Avenue shooting

Above: Andrew Aguiar (L) and Shirley Horton (R) | Roseville PD Roseville Police have announced the arrest of a suspect in connection to a recent fatal shooting off North Sunrise


Calaveras County woman allegedly breaks into home twice, is subdued and removed by homeowner both times

The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office has announced three recent home invasion arrests, one of which reportedly involved the homeowner physically subduing and removing the alleged intruder twice. In the first


Pursuit suspect ultimately booked on felony and misdemeanor weapons charges

A Stanislaus County man was recently arrested on suspicion of unlawful firearm possession following a short vehicle pursuit. Shortly after 1 AM on May 17, deputies attempted an enforcement stop


Modoc County Sheriff’s Office: April in Review

MODOC – The Modoc County Sheriff’s Office released their latest monthly report from April. Here is a breakdown from that report: PATROL – a total of 29 reports were taken.


Suspect in Custody for Crash Injuring California Highway Patrol Officer

BERKELEY — A suspect in custody is believed responsible for injuring a California Highway Patrol officer in a hit and run accident. The accident occurred on Interstate 80 near University


Woman Faces Charges for Sales of Counterfeit Trademark Products

Photo: Recovered evidence DUBLIN — A woman faces charges for allegedly selling counterfeit trademark products and possession of cannabis for sale. The suspect was arrested following a sting operation, which

San Diego

Husband-and-Wife Scientists Plead Guilty to Illegally Importing Potentially Toxic Lab Chemicals and Illegally Forwarding Confidential mRNA Vaccine Research to China

SAN DIEGO – What appeared to be a married couple doing chemical and medical research in both the U.S. and China – illegalities abounded. Customs and Border Protection stopped poisonous

Contra Costa

Two Suspects Arrested in Connection with a Shooting Near San Pablo Creek

 Photo: recovered in Oakley SAN PABLO —Two persons are in custody in connection with a shooting not far from San Pablo Creek on the night of May 17. Both suspects

San Bernardino

Ontario man accused of robbing liquor store and shooting cashier

A man was arrested at his Ontario residence after he allegedly shot a liquor store cashier and ran off with cash from the register. The suspect, 42-year-old Samuel Jacob Felipe,