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2 Women Detected by Cameras Arrested for Vehicle Thefts

TIBURON — All roads leading to Tiburon are equipped with cameras scanning everyone entering town. That’s how two women got caught driving a stolen car and burglarizing other vehicles. Monitoring


Three Caught in Rite Aid Pill Robbery

Photo: stolen Focus, Omar Deavone Davis The Rite Aid on Edith Avenue in Corning was robbed on July 22nd when two males jumped over the prescription counter and demanded pills.


Duo robs woman after giving her a ride to run errands

Photo: Travis Robert Mann and Sherry Jo Bennett MCKINLEYVILLE – On July 15th a 36-year-old female arranged a ride with two people so that she could run errands in Arcata.

San Diego

Truck Theft Turns Into A Lengthy Chase, Assault, and Inevitable Arrest

Photo: end of the chase VALLEY CENTER – A recent vehicle chase may appear to be exciting when monitored from the safety of a helicopter, but it was critical support


Burglar Gets Schooled

Photo: Corey Ryan Walter and his stolen car West Valley High School in Shasta County had been the target of multiple recent crimes including gate locks being cut, buildings broken


Fugitive From Washington Cannot Evade Evade Placer County Sheriff’s Deputies

Photo: Paul Conklin and Amber Moreland PLACER – Early on the morning of July 9th a deputy with the Placer County Sheriff’s Office spotted a black Toyota Tundra driving erratically

Santa Clara

Sheriff’s Office arrest repeat offender

Photo: Anthony Zavala SAN JOSE – The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department has brought a repeat burglary and theft suspect’s escapade to an end.. According to Sergeant Reginald Cooks of


Thief Leaves Trail, Leading Deputies Right To Him

Photo: Victor Hugo Marquez Porras 36-year old Victor Hugo Marquez Porras was arrested on Thursday July 4th for his involvement in the theft of a fertilizer trailer in the Earlimart


Two Suspects in Custody after Robbery at AT&T Store

Photo: Demareia D Duncan and Tiana Cook FREMONT — Four individuals were seen running from the scene of a strong-arm robbery of an AT&T store on July 2. Two of


Four Arrested During Illegal Gambling Casino Bust

Photo: confiscated guns and ammo A week-long investigation by Metro Patrol deputies into an illegal gambling casino resulted in the arrest of four suspects. On Saturday night, 06/29/2019, Kern County