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Santa Clara

Suspect arrested after fleeing from a rooftop

Photo: Jorge Hernandez MOUNTAIN VIEW – The Mountain View Police Department has made an arrest of an attempted burglary suspect who was found jumping onto a rooftop in order to


Trio Had Identifying Information of Over 500 People

Photo: Ernesto Luna and Teresa Fox Clovis Police ramp up their presence this time of the year, both in marked and unmarked cars, since January’s foggy nights are annually met


Suspect Arrested for Stabbing Another Man for No Apparent Reason

NOVATO — A man was violently attacked over the weekend for no apparent reason. About an hour after the incident, police arrested a man on suspicion of stabbing another man


Neighborhood Vigilance Stops Possible Break-ins

Photo: Westberry and Howard MADERA – Neighborhood vigilance helped the Madera Police Department arrest three men on October 29th after catching them in the backyards of several homes. Officers responded


Pepper Spray Used to Steal Phone

Photo: Dylon Cooke PALM SPRINGS – Someone used pepper spray to steal a cell phone on August 9.  A call came in from the 100 block of S. Palm Canyon

Santa Clara

Five Suspects Linked to Mail and Identify Theft Arrested

Photo: Top row (l-r) Montoya, Juan Chavez, Bottom row (l-r) Orozco, Manuel Chavez and Flores SANTA CLARA COUNTY – The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s West County Patrol Unit has made

San Luis Obispo

Seattle Man Nabbed for Burning Flag

Photo: Mitchell Davis OCEANO – Early on Friday evening the SLOSD was called to a restaurant parking lot at 649 Pier Avenue concerning a fire occurring from the burning of

Los Angeles

Probation Worker Arrested for Disorderly Conduct, False I.D.

HAWTHORNE, CA—The adage, “Do as I say, not as I do” comes to mind when civil servants in the service of punitive measures levied against criminals gets arrested and charged

Los Angeles

“Luckey” Bus Driver Charged with False I.D. Charges

INGLEWOOD, CA—Some people should change their names before it gets out of hand. Brittany Luckey, 27, was apprehended on Tuesday, August 26 at approximately 2 p.m. at Inglewood’s city hall

Los Angeles

“Ice Cream Man” Gets Charged for Tinted Windows, More

INGLEWOOD, CA—It’s election season in Inglewood, and it’s no surprise that an ice cream man has been charged for having tinted windows. Rey David Rendon, 41, was apparently stopped by