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2 Women Detected by Cameras Arrested for Vehicle Thefts

TIBURON — All roads leading to Tiburon are equipped with cameras scanning everyone entering town. That’s how two women got caught driving a stolen car and burglarizing other vehicles. Monitoring


$500K Bail for Gangster Busted with Gun

Photo: Rodolfo Prieto Alfaro Ventura County – If community libraries carried a book entitled “The Gang-bangers Guide,” the opening chapters would presumably include advice on a list behaviors that are


61 Year Old Man Arrested In Relation To 2002 and 2003 Sex Crimes Case

Photo: Christopher Adams Libby MAMMOTH LAKES – 61-year-old Christopher Adams Libby was arrested on July 22nd 2019 for three felony counts of sexual acts with a child under 14 years

Contra Costa

Father and Son in Jail, Accused of Sexually Abusing Multiple Children

ANTIOCH — A father and son are in custody in separate Contra Costa County jails on charges of sexually abusing multiple children. Both men were arrested earlier this month. In


Three Caught in Rite Aid Pill Robbery

Photo: stolen Focus, Omar Deavone Davis The Rite Aid on Edith Avenue in Corning was robbed on July 22nd when two males jumped over the prescription counter and demanded pills.

Santa Barbara

Illegal Camper Busted with Drugs, Weapons…and Bird Parts

Photo: Matthew Lee Caldwell Santa Barbara County – Based upon the evidenced collected at the scene of his campsite in a public park area just outside the Orcutt city limits,


One Robbery Suspect Nabbed, But The Other Remains On The Loose

Photo: Brian Ho Security footage helped police identify one of the suspects who robbed two businesses in Santa Ana. On July 4th, 2019, at 7:09 AM, a man armed with


Two Charged in Connection with Murder in Sutter County

On the evening of May 25th, 38-year old Shannon Marie Johnson called Sutter County Sheriff’s Office to report a shooting. She further detailed that a man had been shot in

Santa Barbara

Deadly Friday Night Street Fight Ends with Arrest

Photo: Scott Robert Fleming Santa Barbara County – The City of Carpinteria, promoted by its Chamber of Commerce as the home of “The Word’s Safest Beach,” might face challenges in


Suspected DUI driver tries to flee, after crashing and burning his vehicle

Photo: the burned vehicle On Tuesday July 23rd while driving by Ellis and D Street, a Madera County Sheriff Deputy attempted to pull over a suspected intoxicated driver. The suspect