2 Women Detected by Cameras Arrested for Vehicle Thefts

2 Women Detected by Cameras Arrested for Vehicle Thefts

TIBURON — All roads leading to Tiburon are equipped with cameras scanning everyone entering town. That’s how two women got caught driving a stolen car and burglarizing other vehicles.

Monitoring inbound traffic is easy since Tiburon is situated on a small peninsula jutting out into San Francisco Bay. Though a pair of suspected thieves apparently did not know about the cameras.

On July 25 at approximately 5 p.m., authorities were alerted by automated cameras that detected a stolen car entering town. The vehicle had been reported stolen from Oakland.

Tiburon police and Marin County Sheriff’s Office deputies investigated. Two suspicious women were located outside The Cove at Tiburon apartment complex. Around the same time, reports began coming in about two women seen breaking into parked cars.

Both suspects were soon arrested. Tiburon police arrested the driver identified 23-year-old Denishia Griffin of Richmond. Griffin was nabbed near the stolen vehicle

Her companion, Carbina N. Gibson, 38 of Oakland was apprehended by sheriff’s deputies a short distance away. Gibson was also found in possession of a key belonging to another stolen vehicle.

Other items reported stolen were recovered, and both women soon found themselves being booked into Marin County Jail.
Griffin faces four charges, including vehicle theft. Her other charges are possession of stolen property and illegal possession of a vehicle key. In addition, she is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Gibson was arrested for vehicle theft, receiving stolen property and petty theft. She also faces charges for possession of a controlled substance and forgery.

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