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Man Arrested while Getting his Haircut Faces 10 Felony Charges

Photo: Inguanzo at the scene of the shooting FREMONT — A man arrested while getting a haircut has 10 felony charges hanging over him. The suspect is accused of shooting


A 25-Year-Old Man is Arrested for Hate Crime Assault at a Gas Station

Photo: Salvador Dominguez Jr. HAYWARD — A man arrested is believed responsible for committing a hate crime assault of a gas station customer. The suspect has been identified as 25-year-old


Suspects Convinced by Phone to Surrender, Arrested for a Nearby Shooting

SAN RAFAEL — Police phoned three men holed up inside an apartment and talked them into surrendering. They were immediately arrested in connection with a shooting that occurred a short


Man Released from Jail Allegedly Carjacks a Jail Employee on his Way Out

Photo: Luke E. Barbero  DUBLIN — Upon his release from Santa Rita Jail, a man wasted no time getting himself arrested again. As he was leaving, the man allegedly carjacked


Man Arrested for Statutory Rape of a 15-Year-Old Girl who Went Missing

BERKELEY — The long-arm of Berkeley PD searching for a missing teenage girl reached into the Central Valley. A man was subsequently arrested for taking this minor from her family’s


Driver Passed Out Inside a Car with Weapons and Ammunition is Arrested

Photo: seized from Goode  BERKELEY — A driver passed out inside a car with weapons, ammunition and booze bottles was arrested near the Berkeley/Oakland city limits. It took three hours

Contra Costa

Arrested Man Found in Possession of a Stolen car, a Stolen Firearm, Narcotics

Photo: in Muscat’s car OAKLEY — A man with a history of violence and weapons violations was arrested following a struggle with Oakley police. The suspect was found in possession


Stolen Truck from Utah Spotted at Shopping Center, 2 Suspects Arrested

Photo: stolen truck  NOVATO — Officers patrolling an area recently experiencing a spike in crimes spotted a truck reported stolen in Utah. Two persons nearby found with the keys to


Homeless Man Jailed for Assaulting another Homeless Man with a Guitar

Photo: Matthew Harris BERKELEY — A homeless man with 31 prior arrests is behind bars again—this time for assaulting another homeless man with a guitar. The victim was sleeping downtown


Man Arrested at Police Headquarters is Accused of Child Molestation

NOVATO — A man was arrested at the Novato police headquarters following questioning concerning a child molestation incident reported the prior evening. The suspect works as a grocery delivery driver