Sacramento Man Suspected of Defrauding Novato Unified School District

Sacramento Man Suspected of Defrauding Novato Unified School District
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NOVATO — Marin County Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested a man suspected of defrauding the Novato Unified School District. Checks originally intended to pay school vendors were stolen from the school district, and fraudulently deposited. 

Kevonte Keosodsay, 22, of Sacramento, became the subject of a fraud and theft investigation. He is implicated in depositing checks stolen from the school district. However, investigators believe more suspects may be at-large. 

Detectives arrested Keosodsay on June 19 at his residence. He got booked at Marin County Jail. However, he is no longer in custody there. 

In a prepared statement the sheriff’s office said. “Checks issued by the (school district) were reported stolen from the mail and fraudulently deposited. The stolen checks totaled over $150,000 in funds meant for various vendors.” 

The school district reported checks were stolen on April 11 and fraudulently deposited by an unknown person(s). During a search of Keosodsay’s residence deputies found evidence of stolen school district funds. 

Keosodsay faces charges that include burglary, grand theft, and uttering a fictitious check. He also faces a charge for possession of personal identifying information of another person with intent to defraud. 

Keosodsay has a prior arrest on record in Sacramento County. He was placed under arrest in January 2021 for carrying a concealed and unregistered firearm. 

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