Neighborhood Vigilance Stops Possible Break-ins

Neighborhood Vigilance Stops Possible Break-ins
Photo: Westberry and Howard

MADERA – Neighborhood vigilance helped the Madera Police Department arrest three men on October 29th after catching them in the backyards of several homes.

Officers responded to Westberry and Howard. Reports mentioned three hooded, possibly masked, men attempting to break into homes.

An armed resident confronted the men and they took off running just as police were pulling into the neighborhood.

The first responding officer detained one suspect while other responding officers caught the other two suspects.

Consequently, officers charged 41-year old Thomas Jackson for prowling. In addition, they charged 26-year old Lane Philips for giving false identification information.

When authorities ran Philips’ real identity, the system came back with a felony grand theft warrant in his name.

Lastly, 19-year old Khalil Walker also tried to give false identifying information and was arrested for that charge as well as for violating the terms of his probation.


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