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Adult and two juveniles accused of armed robbery with replica gun

Photo: Replica gun used in armed robbery / Los Banos PD Three individuals, two of whom are juveniles, have been arrested in connection to an alleged armed robbery in Los


Man attacks acquaintance with fake gun

Photo: Corey Ross SONORA – On Friday evening after 8:00, a disturbance erupted by the homeless camp near Lowe’s. A 34-year-old victim had been threatened and pistol-whipped. Never mind that


Gun, though fake, causes shooting scare at Oakland college

Photo: ACSO show fake gun Despite California law prohibiting imitation firearms resembling actual weapons, a January 29th, 2019 incident in Oakland served to prove that such replicas still circulate. That

San Mateo

Man Brandishing Replica Handgun Quickly Arrested

Photo: Rushing’s replica gun SAN MATEO – On the afternoon of November 8th the San Mateo Police Department arrested a man for brandishing what was at first was thought to