Man Brandishing Replica Handgun Quickly Arrested

Man Brandishing Replica Handgun Quickly Arrested
Photo: Rushing’s replica gun

SAN MATEO – On the afternoon of November 8th the San Mateo Police Department arrested a man for brandishing what was at first was thought to be an actual handgun.

31-year-old Broderick Rushing, wearing a white t-shirt and blue pajama bottoms, and apparently intoxicated, went to the Big-5 store and purchased  a black BB gun that “strongly resembled a semi-automatic handgun.”

Rushing then went out into the street and pointed the replica at bystanders to the point where several people called 911 about his antics.

Arriving officers were pointed to the suspect, who was quickly arrested and without further incident. At the time of his arrest Rushing was heading towards the Hillsdale Shopping Center.

Rushing was taken into custody and booked at the San Mateo County Jail where he now faces three counts of brandishing a replica gun, public intoxication, and violation of probation.



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