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Marysville PD: After Arrest, Attempted Burglary Suspect Implicated in Separate Incident

A Marysville man was arrested in connection to an attempted burglary at a local gas station, and was implicated in a separate incident shortly after being booked, police said. Police

Contra Costa

Man and Woman Arrested for Attempted Jewelry Store Burglary

Photo: Bland “under cover” BRENTWOOD — A man and woman wearing matching “bracelets” were escorted from a jewelry store—courtesy of Brentwood PD. They were handcuffed and arrested on suspicion of


Los Banos Burglary suspect nabbed

Photo: John Robert Desa and his mask LOS BANOS – After midnight on February 3, a Sergeant with the Los Banos Police Department spotted a Honda sedan speeding away in


Vallejo Police: Man tries to drive stolen vehicle into Big 5

A man has been booked on a litany of charges ranging from carjacking to burglary to injuring a police dog after a turbulent incident at the Big 5 Sporting Goods

Santa Cruz

Attempted burglary at 2:38 a.m. in Santa Cruz

Photo: Avila under arrest SANTA CRUZ – Early on the morning of September 12 (2:38 a.m.), while most of the community slept, a burglar prowled. Fortunately the Santa Cruz Police

Santa Clara

Residential burglary thwarted by an alert resident

Photo: Maria Barraza-Hernandez MILPITAS – The Milpitas Police Department made an arrest on Monday, July 15, 2018, after a Milpitas resident reported a female suspect trying to enter their home

Santa Barbara

Doorbell Camera Nabs Burglar in Orcutt Residence

Photo: Angel Ortiz Santa Barbara County – Advances in technology are making it harder than ever to successfully live a life of crime. Evidence of that came once again early


Man arrested for prowling while wearing ankle monitor

Photo: Hillcrest Court AMERICAN CANYON — On Sunday night at 11:30, the American Canyon Police Department received a call about a prowler in the backyard of a residence on Hillcrest

Los Angeles

Policing One Step Ahead of the Perpetrators Nabs Two Burglars

CLAREMONT – A savvy officer stayed one step ahead of a recent rash of burglaries and break-ins in the area. When nearby La Verne PD alerted that the local T-Mobile

San Luis Obispo

Burglar Caught Still Wearing Black Ski-Mask

Photo: Kai Keoni Ribeira and Calvin Paul Anthony Latorella LOS OSOS – A burglar in Los Osos was apprehended while still wearing the black ski mask he sported during his