Originally published as a Crescent City Police Department Facebook post


“On 6-10-2022 the Crescent City Police Department received information from Dispatch stating that there were possibly two juveniles armed with a firearm on their way to Crescent Elk to confront two students over a fight that happened off campus.


Within a minute of receiving the information, School Resource Officer Sanders and I were on scene and the school was placed on lockdown per safety protocol. We then worked with the Del Norte County Probation Department, Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office, California Highway Patrol, and Yurok Tribal Police to determine the validity of the threat, while also providing security for the students inside the school. I also detailed officers to the area of Beach Front Park to stand watch over an off-site graduation picnic for students from Crescent Elk.


Working with Administration staff we were able to vet out the threat as not being as originally reported. YTP Officers were able to locate and detain the two juveniles who were involved in the off-site altercation and were able to determine that there was no mention of a firearm, or any intention of coming to the school at all.


As soon as we were able to vet this information, I worked directly with School Administration to lift the lockdown and then I stayed on campus to speak with parents directly as they were picking up their children.


There was never a person on any campus with a gun, and there were no shots fired, or any other incident that happened at the school or any other school in Crescent City. There were social media posts and rumors about these issues, they were not true and rumors only. During an incident like this, especially with recent events, a lot of information is going to be pushed out onto social media prior to it being vetted for accuracy.


All of law enforcement in Crescent City and Del Norte County take the safety of your children with utmost importance. If there are any questions about our response, training, or protocol for these incidents, please contact me and I will answer your questions.”



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