McDonalds parking lot public intoxication incident

McDonalds parking lot public intoxication incident
Originally published as a Crescent City Police Department Facebook post – 
“On 8-13-2021, I (Chief Griffin) responded to Taco Bell, 370 M Street, for a request from management to remove an intoxicated subject from the business. When I arrived the subject, later identified as Reuben Cha (age 42), walked out of Taco Bell and across the street to McDonalds.
After collecting his belongings from inside Taco Bell, I went to detain Cha for being intoxicated in public. As I tried to detain Cha he turned towards me and started to fight with me. I radioed for assistance and two other CCPD Officers responded to the scene, along with Deputies from the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office.
While I was fighting with Cha on the ground to take him into custody, he was able to manipulate my taser enough to make it drive stun me, even though it was still in the holster on my vest. Two citizens who were waiting in line at McDonald’s then came over and help us to safely gain control of Cha. Cha was arrested for public intoxication, 647 (f) PC, and obstructing/resisting a peace officer, 148 PC.
During the incident CCPD Officers responding from different directions had their lights and sirens on, and arrived simultaneously, colliding with each other. Both Officers were ok with no injuries and were able to assist with taking Cha into custody.
The vehicle crash is being investigated by the California Highway Patrol per my request and CCPD policy. There were no other vehicles involved in the crash – Chief Richard Griffin”
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