Attempted Jail Smuggling Case

Attempted Jail Smuggling Case
Photo: Roman Cromwell and Stephanie Bourgeois 
Originally published as a Crescent City Police Department Facebook post – 
“Roman Cromwell (age 28) and Stephanie Bourgeois (age 38) were arrested and booked in the Del Norte County Jail tonight after Officers from the Crescent City Police Department conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle spotted at the jail possibly associated with making a drop of controlled substances.
Correctional Technicians working inside the jail spotted someone hiding a package outside the jail and called for assistance from CCPD. Sgt. Justin Gill and Officer Tyler Balch were then able to locate the vehicle in the area. After an interview the two subjects admitted to dropping off a bag that included heroin, marijuana, suboxone strips, and tobacco.
The two remain in custody for conspiracy to bring narcotics into the jail, 182 PC and 664/4573 PC. The case will be forwarded to the Del Norte County District Attorney for review.”
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