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San Diego

Man Lies About Details of Stolen Vehicle, Arrested for Fraud

Photo: example of a 1997 Toyota RAV 4 On September 7, 2019, 62-year old Juan Camilo Vargas parked his 1997 Toyota RAV4 in front of his Escondido home. The following


Man Surrenders When Evidence Supports An Alleged False Insurance Claim

On April 1, 2019, 27-year old David Lee Williams Jr.  filed a claim with Farmers Insurance stating he was rear ended by an unknown vehicle traveling at a high-rate of


Cop Earns Two Felony Charges

Photo: Richard Barrios April 12, 2020 – Ventura County – It’s not every day that a uniformed member of law enforcement finds himself behind bars and in the company of

Celebrity News

Pharrell reportedly a victim of SWATing

Photo: Pharrell (TMZ) As reported by TMZ : “Pharrell’s crib was the scene of a massive police presence after someone called 911 claiming a person there had been fatally shot


Garden Grove Woman Fabricates Story of her Own Kidnapping

Garden Grove – After police investigated a woman’s claim that she was nearly kidnapped by three men, it was revealed that the so-called victim made the whole story up. The


Swatting: Ex-Boyfriend Sends Unsuspecting Cops to Crash Party

Photo: Jesus Lopez-Zucilla “Swatting” is the act of reporting a major but false emergency to trigger a large number of police to be dispatched to the reported address only for

Santa Clara

Milpitas Police arrest one of their own for falsifying report

Photo: Victor Madarang Milpitas – The Milpitas Police Department made an arrest of a former uniformed officer. The suspect had reportedly filed a police report in which made false claims

Santa Clara

Abuse Charges a Ruse for Numerous Thefts

Photo: Sunmee Kim MOUNTAIN VIEW– The MVPD announced the arrest of a female suspect who filed multiple claims against various men, alleging assault. Turns out it was just a ruse

Contra Costa

Woman recants possible kidnapping before graduation ceremony

SAN JOSE — The San Jose Police Department announced that it was not making an arrest in a case in which a woman claimed a suspect held a knife to her

Santa Barbara

Meth High Leads to Bomb Threat Arrest

Jose Landeros Santa Barbara County – The effects of methamphetamine upon one’s reasoning ability came to the fore mid-morning on May 8th in the middle windswept farmland just outside the