Attempted Murder SF/ Shooting into an Inhabited Dwelling SSF

Attempted Murder SF/ Shooting into an Inhabited Dwelling SSF
Photo: seized guns
“On 06/26/2021 South San Francisco Police Officers responded to Stein Court [SSF] on the report of the home being shot at. Officers discovered the shooting occurred on 06/24/2021.
Further investigation revealed between 0200 and 0430 hours, a suspect fired multiple gunshots directed towards a specific upstairs bedroom window while a juvenile victim was asleep in bed. The reporting party waited to report the incident due to being in fear of retaliation from the suspect and his associates.
The reporting party suspected an acquaintance of the family [20 year male- Oakland] was responsible due to him threatening to “shoot up the house” after getting into an argument with a member of the family. It was at this time investigators discovered the suspect was arrested by SFPD for being of possession of a firearm in a vehicle a few hours after this shooting in SSF.
Prior to his arrest the suspect was a victim of a shooting where he was found shot multiple times and later found to be in possession of a firearm. At the time, it appeared the second shooting in SF may have been in retaliation to the shooting on Stein Court.
SFPD and SSFPD Detectives collaborated during the course of this investigation over the past week determining the suspected shooter on Stein Court, was retaliated against in San Francisco by occupants of residence, a 19 year old male suspect (SSF) and his 18 year old sister, within 2 hours of the shooting on Stein Court. SFPD served arrest/search warrants at the residence on Stein Court, taking both suspects into custody without incident on $1,000,000 warrants for attempted murder.
During the arrest, the primary suspect was found to be carrying a concealed loaded reported “lost” gun on his person. An associate who was with the suspect at the execution of this warrant, a 20 year old male suspect [Sacramento], was also contacted and found to be carrying a concealed loaded Ghost gun on his person.
A 14-year old male [Antioch] juvenile was contacted in the residence and found to have an outstanding arrest warrant out of Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office for carjacking and fleeing/evading police with wanton disregard for the public. SFPD took custody of both shooting suspects from their case.
SSFPD investigators took custody of the 20-year male out of Sacramento and the 14-year old juvenile and they were transported to San Mateo County jail and Hillcrest respectively without incident. All other occupants contacted as a result of the search warrant, were released without incident. Great collaborative efforts by SSFPD Detectives and SFPD in keeping our communities safer!
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