Catalytic converter thieves caught in underground parking garage

Catalytic converter thieves caught in underground parking garage
Photo: confiscated from this arrest
Originally published as a Redwood City Police Department Facebook post – 
“Last night, Officers responded to an underground parking garage on the 1400 block of Hudson Street due to a vigilant reporting party who on viewed subjects attempting to steal a catalytic converter.
The caller heard a noise coming from the garage, prompting them to go outside and see what was going on. The caller reported that he saw a male and a female subject in the area and it appeared they had the neighbor’s vehicle propped up on jack stands. The two subjects fled when they realized they had been noticed by the neighbor, leaving their jack stand and sawzall behind.
Officers arrived shortly thereafter and began processing the scene. During their investigation, Officers located a vehicle parked nearby with the hood still warm and another sawzall on the rear floor board. Officers also located a methamphetamine pipe and other items within the vehicle, indicating the vehicle had not been parked there for long.
Immediately following, an unmarked unit conducted surveillance of the suspicious vehicle. Shortly thereafter, Officers in the unmarked unit observed Jose RomeroSanchez return to the vehicle, during which time officers detained him and subsequently located additional burglary tools, which led to his arrest for attempted grand theft, conspiracy, and possession of drug paraphernalia.
This scenario, and others like it, demonstrate the growing trend of catalytic converter thefts occurring in Redwood City.
Great job to the watchful neighbor who was looking out for their community! Your efforts were instrumental to the investigation and subsequent apprehension.
Be vigilant and always watch out for your neighbors.”
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