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Roy Charles Waller Arrested as NorCal Rapist of 1991-2006

Photo: Roy Charles Waller SACRAMENTO – Roy Charles Waller is now under arrest, apprehended from his Benicia home. The “NorCal Rapist’s” sexual assaults started in 1991 in Rohnert Park and


Gun “Manufacturer” Arrested After Two Month Investigation

Photo: Brandon Lloyd Ventura County – A local gun “manufacturer” is now under arrest. Some people’s fascination with firearms gets to the point that they’ll risk serious prison time to


Crash Ends Duo’s Pursuit and Shooting at Victims from Their Silverado

Photo: Miguel Ibanez LOS BANOS – A wild night involved two men pursuing and shooting at victims from their Silverado. Soon after, they crashed their way into an arrest. At

Santa Barbara

Lady Burglar Busted, Wanted for Possession of Dead Owl

Photo: Christen Aceves Santa Barbara County – Possession of a dead owl you say? In the pre-dawn hours of September 10th, 911 Dispatch operators received a call reporting a residential


9 Total Arrests Result from Search Warrant on Home

Photo: suspects outside SALINAS – Law enforcement recently served a search warrant on a home in the 100 block of West Laurel.  They breached the front door and then called


Three Occupants, Two Fake Names, Three Arrests

Photo: Knecht (l), Speed and Joseph LINCOLN – Two of the three occupants gave the officer fake names. As a result, the officer bagged three arrests. In the first place,


She Stole a Power Tool, Fled with Child in Car

Photo: Rosaline Thomas AUBURN – She stole a power tool, fled with her child in the car and tried to scream her way out of it. On Tuesday a Sacramento


2 Men Arrested for Passing Fraudulent Checks at Wells Fargo Bank

MILL VALLEY — They tried passing fraudulent checks. A bank is probably the worst place to cash bad checks, but that doesn’t stop some people from trying. Authorities arrested two

Santa Clara

Three wanted suspects arrested in Aug 30th shooting

Photo:  Alanis, Cortez and Aguirre (l-r)  SAN JOSE – The SJPD has announced the arrest of three wanted suspects in the shooting and attempted murder of a male juvenile. The


Boomer’s Bar the Beginning of Burglary Pursuit

Photo: Boomer’s Bar LAYTONVILLE – At Boomer’s Bar parking lot a burglary investigation began on September 12 at 12:40 a.m. In the lot at 45020 N. Highway 101 a deputy