Gun “Manufacturer” Arrested After Two Month Investigation

Gun “Manufacturer” Arrested After Two Month Investigation
Photo: Brandon Lloyd

Ventura County – A local gun “manufacturer” is now under arrest. Some people’s fascination with firearms gets to the point that they’ll risk serious prison time to play with them.

That is apparently what led to the September 12th arrest of 23-year-old Fillmore resident Brandon Lloyd. Lloyd had been the subject of a “two month-long investigation” into Lloyd’s activity involving firearms that lead to his arrest.


Lloyd’s Toys

Based upon evidence gathered during that investigation, detectives detained Lloyd on the afternoon of the 12th and served him with a search warrant.

While officers served that warrant on his person, they executed another warrant at his Fillmore residence. The search of his home revealed the Lloyd was in possession of a handgun, “two handgun manufacturing kits, two AK-47 manufacturing kits,” ammo, and other paraphernalia associated with the construction of firearms. Therefore, deputies seized all those materials and took them into evidence.

Similarly, Lloyd has prior criminal convictions on his record. Therefore he is strictly prohibited from owning or possessing firearms and their accessories. Based upon the evidence found at his residence, law enforcement booked Lloyd on felony charges of –

  • unlawfully possessing firearms;
  • firearm manufacturing kits;
  • and ammunition.

Photos: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking, Ventura County Sheriff’s Department

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