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Santa Barbara

Busted and Booked on 10 Charges with No Bail

Photo: ghost gun May 5, 2021 – Santa Barbara County, Ca. One way an individual can earn some guaranteed special attention from cops is to have them see you committing


Catalytic Converter Crooks Caught

Photo: Daniel Gonzalez and Jose Padilla-Rivas May 4, 2021 – Ventura County, Ca. The recent plague of catalytic converter thefts from vehicles throughout Ventura County may be slowing with the


$250K Bail for Mail Thief

Photo: Mason Michael Webb May 2, 2021 – Ventura County, Ca. While the current state of digital communication via email may not provide the ultimate in privacy and security of


Drug Delivery Duo Done In

 Photo: Jackelyne Espinosa and Vincente Lopez May 3, 2021 – Ventura County, Ca. There appear to be manifold job opportunities for those interested in the illegal drug trafficking industry as


Illegal Assault Weapon Arrest

Photo: Raymond Velasco May 2, 2021 – Ventura County, Ca. Perhaps it’s the national political discussion currently raging over conflicting interpretations of the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment. Or perhaps it’s


Car Theft Criminal Caught in Cucamonga

Photo: Nora Marie Cowle April 30, 2021 – Ventura County, Ca. It was the day after New Year’s, January 2, 2021, when a female checker at a Moorpark, Ca. supermarket

Breaking News Ventura

Arrest for Rape of 76-year-old Woman

Photo: Edward Ayans April 21, 2021 – Ventura County, Ca. In a case that clearly proves the pernicious effects of methamphetamine use, 49-year- old Moorpark, Ca. resident Edward Ayans stands


Dual ADW and Conspiracy Arrests

 Photo: Alfred Chavests (l) and Nicholas Paul Buevara April 21, 2021 – Ventura County, Ca. It took Ventura County Sheriff’s Department detectives a full month to find those responsible for

Santa Barbara

Female Arrested for Battery

Photo: Crystal Alaina Ramos April 18, 2021 – Santa Barbara, Ca. Knowing that domestic violence calls can be among the most dangerous for everyone involved, tensions were undoubtedly high just


Drug Dealer Busted Hiding Drugs in Dog Treats

Photo: Karen Hernandez April 17, 2021 – Ventura County, Ca. There appears to be no limit to the inventiveness of those involved in criminal activities as they work to avoid