She Stole a Power Tool, Fled with Child in Car

She Stole a Power Tool, Fled with Child in Car
Photo: Rosaline Thomas

AUBURN – She stole a power tool, fled with her child in the car and tried to scream her way out of it.

On Tuesday a Sacramento woman went to the Home Depot in Auburn with theft on her mind. An employee of the store gave police a description of the woman and her car.

Deputies saw the suspect’s car at the 76 gas station in Penryn. 38-year-old Rosaline Thomas tried to bluster her way out of it. She got out of the car event though the deputy issued multiple orders to stay inside.

In addition, she screamed at the deputies, pulled out a cell phone. She yelled that she was going to record the event on Facebook live.

Eventually deputies arrested the thief. She had her minor child in the car the entire time.  He charges are resisting arrest, child endangerment and shoplifting.

Thomas has since bailed out.

As a side note – “An adult passenger and relative of Thomas’ was allowed to leave, but was low on gas. Seeing a humanly need, PCSO Sgt. McKenzie kindly gave his own money to the relative, so they could return home to Sacramento.”

PCSO reminds us, ” During a traffic stop, stay in the car, place both hands on the steering wheel, and wait for verbal direction. Please do not reach for your driver’s license or registration until the deputy asks for it. We appreciate your cooperation in helping to make our jobs safer.”


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