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Man arrested for prowling while wearing ankle monitor

Photo: Hillcrest Court AMERICAN CANYON — On Sunday night at 11:30, the American Canyon Police Department received a call about a prowler in the backyard of a residence on Hillcrest

Los Angeles

Policing One Step Ahead of the Perpetrators Nabs Two Burglars

CLAREMONT – A savvy officer stayed one step ahead of a recent rash of burglaries and break-ins in the area. When nearby La Verne PD alerted that the local T-Mobile

San Luis Obispo

Burglar Caught Still Wearing Black Ski-Mask

Photo: Kai Keoni Ribeira and Calvin Paul Anthony Latorella LOS OSOS – A burglar in Los Osos was apprehended while still wearing the black ski mask he sported during his


Concrete Block Unsuccessfully Thrown in Burglary Attempt

Photo: scene of attempted burglary VALLEY SPRINGS – A man threw a concrete block at the door of the 76 gas station on August 1 at 4:00 a.m. Deputies arrived

Santa Clara

Resident Ignored Doorbell, Burglar Breaks In

PALO ALTO — A resident ignored the doorbell and minutes later a burglar entered, apparently thinking it was an empty residence. It was July 10 after 11:00 am.  A call


Dramatic Day of Burglary, Gunshots, a Chase and Three Arrests

Photo: Law enforcement on scene SHASTA – The SCSO had an interestingly dramatic day on July 6 that included burglary, gunshots, a chase and three arrests. It started with a


Residential Surveillance System Helps Police to Quickly Arrest Attempted Burglary Suspect

Photo: Cody Udell Fagg FOLSOM – Thanks to a residential surveillance system, a burglary suspect was arrested in Folsom on Sunday morning. Officers arrived near Seaton Avenue and Amherst Court

Santa Barbara

Isla Vista Prowler Caught During Burglary Attempt

Photo: Christian Zanabria Santa Barbara County – The community of Isla Vista, immediately adjacent to the University of California at Santa Barbara campus, is the focus of a significant law

San Bernardino

Transient Attempts to Enter Home

Michael Arthur Ray Monroe LOMA LINDA — On Monday morning, October 30, deputies from Loma Linda responded to a residence after a call came in that a male suspect was


Home invasion foiled by alarm system, suspect arrested

Darvel Blackwell arrest photo (Credit: Modesto PD) MODESTO — The Property Crimes Unit of Modesto PD has made an arrest in connection to an attempted residential burglary. On July 23rd,