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Los Angeles

Policing One Step Ahead of the Perpetrators Nabs Two Burglars

CLAREMONT – A savvy officer stayed one step ahead of a recent rash of burglaries and break-ins in the area. When nearby La Verne PD alerted that the local T-Mobile

San Luis Obispo

Burglar Caught Still Wearing Black Ski-Mask

Photo: Kai Keoni Ribeira and Calvin Paul Anthony Latorella LOS OSOS – A burglar in Los Osos was apprehended while still wearing the black ski mask he sported during his


Concrete Block Unsuccessfully Thrown in Burglary Attempt

Photo: scene of attempted burglary VALLEY SPRINGS – A man threw a concrete block at the door of the 76 gas station on August 1 at 4:00 a.m. Deputies arrived

Santa Clara

Resident Ignored Doorbell, Burglar Breaks In

PALO ALTO — A resident ignored the doorbell and minutes later a burglar entered, apparently thinking it was an empty residence. It was July 10 after 11:00 am.  A call


Dramatic Day of Burglary, Gunshots, a Chase and Three Arrests

Photo: Law enforcement on scene SHASTA – The SCSO had an interestingly dramatic day on July 6 that included burglary, gunshots, a chase and three arrests. It started with a


Residential Surveillance System Helps Police to Quickly Arrest Attempted Burglary Suspect

Photo: Cody Udell Fagg FOLSOM – Thanks to a residential surveillance system, a burglary suspect was arrested in Folsom on Sunday morning. Officers arrived near Seaton Avenue and Amherst Court

Santa Barbara

Isla Vista Prowler Caught During Burglary Attempt

Photo: Christian Zanabria Santa Barbara County – The community of Isla Vista, immediately adjacent to the University of California at Santa Barbara campus, is the focus of a significant law

San Bernardino

Transient Attempts to Enter Home

Michael Arthur Ray Monroe LOMA LINDA — On Monday morning, October 30, deputies from Loma Linda responded to a residence after a call came in that a male suspect was


Home invasion foiled by alarm system, suspect arrested

Darvel Blackwell arrest photo (Credit: Modesto PD) MODESTO — The Property Crimes Unit of Modesto PD has made an arrest in connection to an attempted residential burglary. On July 23rd,

San Benito

Hollister Juvenile Arrested for Attempted Burglary

Stock image (Source unknown) HOLLISTER — A 17-year-old juvenile is in custody after being spotted in city surveillance burgling two downtown businesses. Reports say the juvenile turned himself in, with