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Individual Arrested for Series of Pellet Gun and Pepper Spray Offenses

Photo: King and two vehicles associated with him During November and December numerous car windows were shot out with a pellet gun in and around Fairfield. More specifically, most of

Los Angeles

Six Probation Officers Face Prison Sentences for Unlawfully Pepper-Spraying Teen Girls

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office recently charged six L.A. County probation officers with unlawfully using pepper spray against five teenage girls housed at Los Padrinos

Santa Barbara

ADW with “Log” Suspect Arrested

Photo: Rafael Rayas Santa Barbara County – Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department deputies attached at the Santa Maria station responded to a mid-morning 911 Emergency call reporting a burglary in


Pepper Spray Used to Steal Phone

Photo: Dylon Cooke PALM SPRINGS – Someone used pepper spray to steal a cell phone on August 9.  A call came in from the 100 block of S. Palm Canyon


Suspect Arrested for 2 Pepper Spray Robberies

Matthew Udechukwu COSTA MESA — On Tuesday afternoon, the CMPD responded to a report of a robbery. An 18-year-old male attempted to sell a pair of designer shoes that he


Middle-Schooler Arrested for Pepper Spraying Fellow Students

McKINLEYVILLE — On December 14th at approximately 12:35 PM, Sheriff’s Deputies arrived at McKinleyville Middle School to investigate reports that a student had gone around pepper spraying several of his


Pepper-Sprayed JCPenney Guard Runs From Pleasanton to Dublin to Catch Two Shoplifters

A Stoneridge mall security guard ran more than two miles, from Pleasanton to Dublin, to catch two shoplifters who police said swiped $120 of goods Friday evening from JCPenney. The

Santa Clara

Shoplifting suspect charged with robbery

53-year-old Thomas Lee Hawkins of San Jose was arrested on Feb 21 for second degree burglary under PC211-212.5(c), in which he had taken the personal property, clothing and cosmetics from