Argument at protest leads to pepper spraying

Argument at protest leads to pepper spraying
Photo: Briuan Turner

A protest occurred near Blackstone and Nees Avenues occurred on May 15th.  At 8:00 pm three people reported being pepper sprayed.

The three were participating in the protest and driving their car that displayed the Palestinian flag.

At the mentioned intersection, the occupants of the vehicle asked a car next to them to honk their horn in support of Palestine.

The driver said he did not support Palestine and an argument ensued. During the course of the argument, one of the victims got out of the vehicle. At this time the suspect sprayed all three with pepper spray.

The spraying continued into the victim’s car. 62-year-old Brian Turner then drove away.

An investigation began that included cell phone video of the incident, from which Turner’s identity was established.

Turner was arrested at his residence and booked for the charge of assault with a caustic chemical.



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