Oroville Man Found Guilty of Child Sex Abuse

Oroville Man Found Guilty of Child Sex Abuse
Above: Nicholas Matthew Jones
(Photo courtesy of Butte County DA’s Office)
Originally published 7-28-23 via Facebook
by the Butte County District Attorney’s Office:

Nicholas Matthew Jones, 31, of Oroville, was found guilty as charged today by a Butte County jury for seven counts of sexual abuse, and three counts related to drugs and firearms. The jury made up of seven men and five women reached their unanimous verdict on the charges just before noon today after about an hour of deliberations.

Butte County Supervising Deputy District Attorney Leah Sears said the eight-year-old female victim in the case testified boldly, and although she was unable to divulge the sexual abuse that was inflicted on her, she did tell the jury that she shared “secrets” with Jones, a man who was no relation to her, but would often keep the child overnight in his room.

The victim’s mother had dropped her off at Jones’ residence on numerous occasions for him to watch her as the mother allegedly pursued other activities. The mother is currently wanted on active warrants.

Evidence presented in the case included Jones’ semen found in the child’s underwear, naked images of the child on his computer, hard drives, and cell phone, and testimony from a former girlfriend who saw videos of Jones molesting the child. This girlfriend alerted authorities to what she had seen.

Jones himself confessed to the sexual abuse to sheriff’s detectives in November of 2022, but at trial took the stand to proclaim that his confession was false and that there was no sexual abuse. However, he could not explain why he had images of child pornography of other children on his electronic devices.

District Attorney Mike Ramsey praised the twelve deliberating jurors and three alternate jurors who sat through disturbing and offensive evidence related to the sexual abuse of the victim and child pornography and applauded their ability to understand why a child subjected to such abuse may keep it secret. Ramsey acknowledged the joint dedication of his office, the Butte County Sheriff’s Office and all involved in the criminal justice system ensuring justice was done in this case.

Jones remains in custody with no bail. He will appear on August 23, 2023, at 9:30 a.m. for sentencing. He faces a maximum exposure of 45 years to life in prison, plus an additional 16 years and 8 months.”

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