2 Suspects Arrested for Identity Theft

2 Suspects Arrested for Identity Theft
Photo: Evidence | Courtesy of Placer County Sheriffs Office

Halloween is a busy night for most Law Enforcement Agencies. This Halloween was no exception for the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

During a routine traffic stop off of Blue Oaks Blvd in Roseville, CA, Deputies made a surprising discovery during their search of a vehicle. They discovered debit/credit cards, a checkbook, driver licenses, and a notebook containing a list of names, birth dates and bank account numbers along with a variety of burglary tools. None of the names on these items or documents matched those of the vehicle’s occupants.

Two suspects were arrested at the scene, the driver Azel Tinsley 45 yrs old, and passenger Amy Crawford 42 yrs old. Both suspects face charges for alleged possession of personally identifying information with intent to defraud. Azel Tinsley also faces charges for allegedly driving with a suspended license, possession of burglary tools, possession of stolen property and 3 outstanding felony warrants.

Written By: Patrice Spears
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