BART Police Identify and Arrest Passengers with Outstanding Warrants

BART Police Identify and Arrest Passengers with Outstanding Warrants

OAKLAND — Passengers not paying to ride BART trains are getting free rides to jail for more than fare evasion. Identification checks of miscreants and fare evaders turn up many outstanding arrest warrants.

Most suspects are initially detained for fare evasion or causing a disturbance, resulting in BART police response. BART police regularly nab passengers for not complying with court orders and fugitives from the law.

May is no different than any other month. BART police turned up suspects wanted for arson, assault, burglary, carrying concealed firearms, robbery, vehicle theft, etc.

Joshua Antonio David Ruja, 38 of Redding, was arrested May 19 at Concord Station. Ruja was booked for malicious arson.

Virgil Watts, 44 of Oakland, was detained May 23 at West Oakland Station. Watts was subsequently booked for an outstanding warrant for robbery.

Samuel Joya, 27 of Pasadena, was detained May 22 at MacArthur Station. A records check revealed he had a no-bail warrant for robbery in San Francisco.

Andrew E. Barr, 40 of Fremont, was detained May 22. Barr had two outstanding warrants, one for vandalism and one for failure to appear in drug court.

Courtney J. Duffy, a 22-year-old homeless person, was arrested at Fruitvale Station on May 22. Duffy had an outstanding warrant for vehicle theft.

Jose A. Diaz, 43 of Oakland, was taken into custody May 21 for assault with a deadly weapon. Diaz was arrested at Oakland City Center Station.

Donte Davis, 35 of Oakland, was arrested May 20 at Fruitvale Station for assault, robbery, and firearms-related charges.

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