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BART Police Identify and Arrest Passengers with Outstanding Warrants

OAKLAND — Passengers not paying to ride BART trains are getting free rides to jail for more than fare evasion. Identification checks of miscreants and fare evaders turn up many

San Mateo

Criminal syndicate linked to felony crimes

Photo: one of the scenes of illegal activity Originally published as a San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post – “In February of 2022, the San Mateo County Vehicle Theft


Plumas County man accused of stealing woman’s car after threatening her with hammer, locking her in bathroom

A Plumas County man has been arrested for allegedly stealing an elderly woman’s car after threatening her with a hammer, among other suspected crimes, according to the Sheriff’s Office. On


Burglars Busted After Hitting Same Store for the Third Time

May 18, 2022 – Ventura County, Ca. Obviously unaware of the eternal verity of the adage “third time’s the charm,” Oxnard residents Ryan Taylor and Brooke Scheer appear to suffer


Two Arrested at Shopping Center for Vehicle Theft, Drugs, Identity Theft

 Photo: stolen car recovered NOVATO — A stolen car with stolen license plates found at a shopping center parking lot contained illicit drugs and stolen property. The two occupants of


Man Faces Multiple Charges for Death of a Golf Course Groundskeeper

SAN LEANDRO —Jason R. McDermott faces multiple charges including vehicular manslaughter for a hit-and-run crash at a golf course. McDermott, 43, a construction worker from Oakland, is believed responsible for

Contra Costa

Workplace Harassment Incident Leads to Arrests on Weapons Charges

Photo: Arrest scene WALNUT CREEK — An armed young man and a juvenile accompanying him were arrested following a workplace harassment incident. They were taken into custody a short distance


Two recent Nevada City arrests for alleged burglary, vehicle theft

Originally published as a Nevada City Police Department Facebook post:   “On Friday night, NCPD officers responded to a downtown hotel regarding a man who illegally accessed a temporarily unoccupied

Los Angeles

Governor’s Task Force Search and Seizure Reveals Massive Catalytic Converter Theft

Photo: recovered loot AZUSA – An investigation onto catalytic converter thefts, which had begun in the early part of 2021, recently brought in substantial results. Azusa Police Department Property Crimes


Vehicle stolen during Humboldt Hill burglary recovered, one arrested

Photo: Anthony David Maillelle Originally published as a Humboldt County press release –  “On March 28, 2022, at about 11:45 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a residence