Man fights inside of restaurant and out

Man fights inside of restaurant and out
Photo: Frank Machado
Originally published as a Kings County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post – 
“On Thursday, October 28, 2021 at approximately 1614 hours, Deputies were dispatched to a fight in progress at Raven’s Deli in Armona. When Deputies entered the restaurant they saw two subjects on the ground in a physical altercation.
Witnesses to the incident singled out one of the subjects named Frank Machado as the aggressor. With the assistance of several restaurant patrons, Frank was detained. During the detention, a Deputy sustained a small laceration to his hand.
Deputies investigated what took place and learned that the victim arrived with his two small children to have lunch at the restaurant.
As the victim ate lunch with his children Frank entered the restaurant. Unprovoked, Frank approached the victim, stood next to the victim and stared at him. The victim stood up and Frank attacked the victim by punching him in the face several times. During the altercation, Frank grabbed nearby chairs and threw them toward the victim.
The victim was able to grab Frank and hold him down until Deputies arrived. The victim sustained various injuries from the assault and one of the chairs thrown by Frank was damaged. Officials at the restaurant stated the chair would have to be replaced.
Deputies located additional witnesses who reported seeing Frank yelling at customers at a nearby business called the Buford Star Mart just prior to entering Raven’s Deli. The witnesses further stated they saw Frank push an unidentified person to the ground across the street from Raven’s Deli as well.
Once the investigation was complete, Frank was placed into custody and booked into the Kings County Jail. Frank was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse, resisting an executive officer, criminal threats, elder abuse, battery and vandalism. His bail was set at $250,000.”
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