2 Men Arrested – Suspected of Fighting over Illicit Drugs

2 Men Arrested – Suspected of Fighting over Illicit Drugs
Photo: Jack C. McCoy and Hadrian Rowden

SAN RAFAEL — A patrol officer arrested two men suspected of fighting over illicit drugs inside a parked car. Someone flagged down the officer who interrupted the fight and arrested both combatants.

Apparently, a drug deal went wrong on March 19, downtown in the parking lot at the Walgreens store located at 830 Third Street. An officer pulled into the lot to investigate why a man was frantically waving his arms over his head.

The man seeking assistance pointed the officer to a nearby parked car. Inside, two other men seemingly unaware of the officer’s presence were fighting furiously.

As the officer approached the car, he noticed the passenger side door slightly ajar. The officer opened the door and ordered both men to stop fighting—and they stopped.

Both combatants were detained for questioning, and the officer determined neither had sustained injuries. Legally, their troubles were just beginning.

Upon further investigation, the officer learned the fight involved drugs. One man allegedly sought to buy drugs from the other man with counterfeit cash inside an envelope.

Evidently, a fight erupted when the dealer demanded to count the money first, before handing over any drugs. At this point, the would-be buyer allegedly sprayed the suspected drug dealer with tear gas.

In response, the suspected drug dealer allegedly pulled a knife on the other man. These two men were still struggling when the officer intervened before anyone got hurt.

A short time later, both men were booked inside Marin County Jail. Hadrian Rowden, 20 of La Honda faces charges for possession of drugs for sale, and assault with a deadly weapon. Jack C. McCoy, 19 of San Rafael faces charges for attempted robbery and unlawful use of tear gas.

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