Suspected Drug Dealer Arrested After Probation Search

Suspected Drug Dealer Arrested After Probation Search
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FAIRFAX — Running from the law looks bad, particularly for anyone subject to probationary searches. A suspected drug dealer tried anyway; he was arrested after fleeing when authorities went to check on him.

It happened to Jonathon G. Nail, a 29-year-old construction worker. Nail bolted earlier this month, when police paid a visit to his Fairfax residence on Porteous Drive.

A small entourage showed up, ostensibly, to conduct a probation compliance search. In fact, it was a well-coordinated law enforcement action.

The Marin County Coordination of Probation Team was joined by the Major Crimes Task Force and Fairfax police. Upon their arrival, Nail fled from his residence and jumped over a fence in ill-fated attempt to escape.

Officers caught and handcuffed Nail, but despite the handcuffs Nail attempted to flee again. After he was detained for a second time, authorities commenced searching his residence.

Authorities found a loaded handgun and evidence of drug dealing. Evidence recovered includes cannabis, fentanyl, hashish and methamphetamine. Worse of all, it was all potentially accessible to a child at the residence.

Nail was transported to Marin County Jail, where he remains in custody. He faces nine drug-related and weapons-related charges. His other charges include child cruelty possibly leading to death or injury. Last not least, Nail is also charged with resisting an officer and probation violation.

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