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Redding PD: Man taken into custody for alleged erratic behavior while under the influence of narcotics

A man was recently arrested after a tense encounter with civilians and police while allegedly under the influence of methamphetamine, according to Redding PD. 29-year-old Eric Thomas-Smith was arrested on

San Bernardino

Man asks police to kill him in front of Rancho Cucamonga City Hall

Rancho Cucamonga police successfully de-escalate a man who first asked a woman if she had a gun and then told her he wanted police to shoot him. The woman called

Santa Barbara

Attempted Murder Arrest

November 3, 2021 – Santa Barbara, Ca. The combination of Saturday night carousing, hot tempers, guns, and knives may have been the perfect ingredients for the violence that apparently broke


Man dies after barricading himself inside bathroom and apparent explosion

Photo: Larry Carter, Jr. A 31-year-old Anaheim resident, Larry Carter Jr., barricaded himself inside his apartment bathroom after an apparent explosion and died at a local hospital the following day.


Woman Arrested for Making Threats with a Knife on a BART Train

OAKLAND — A woman with prior drug-related arrests has been arrested twice this month. Her second arrest in September involved making threats with a knife on a Bay Area Rapid

San Benito

Suspect Shot by Police on Kimberly Court Arrested on Multiple Charges

Photo: Brandon Hill In an incident that occurred on December 8th, officers responded to a 911 call about a disturbance on the 1100 block of Kimberly Court. A man had

California Santa Barbara

$50K Bail for Stickup with Knife

Photo: Goleta Smoke Shop December 10, 2020 – Santa Barbara County, Ca.-  A tobacco shop located in the City of Goleta Target Shopping Center was the target of an attempted


Man Arrested After Barricading Himself Inside a Structure of a Hollywood Movie Set

Photo: Bryan Gudiel Barrios A man wanted for sexual assault of a minor is in police custody after an officer-involved shooting and two hour negotiation on a Paramount Pictures studio


Naked Woman Lights Fire in Trashbin Before Stabbing Man

  A naked woman who lit a fire in a trashcan and then stabbed the man who reported the fire has been arrested by Rancho Cucamonga police. The incident took

San Diego

Good Samaritan Saves an Intruder Wielding a Foot-Long Knife in Her Kitchen

Photo – Marty in custody SAN DIEGO – Southeastern Division Police Department announced another successful preservation of life – “Our First Core Value” – on September 6th. While responding to