Lennox Man Arrested in Hawthorne for Drugs

Lennox Man Arrested in Hawthorne for Drugs

HAWTHORNE, CA—It’s best to know the laws governing bicycle use, especially when one is carrying and/or attempting to purchase cocaine, or other controlled substances.

David Francisco Pacheco, 23, was arrested by Hawthorne police officers on Monday, April 6 at approximately 9:14 p.m. He was popped at the corner of Birch Avenue and El Segundo Boulevard in Hawthorne, just two blocks from Hawthorne PD. He was presumably stopped for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. Hawthorne, a charter city in the South Bay, has a municipal code against such behavior. The Lennox resident was charged with possession of a narcotic controlled substance (11350HS), possession/purchase of cocaine base (11351.5HS), operating a vehicle on a sidewalk (HAMC 10.60.01) and operating a bicycle on the wrong side of the road (21650.1VC).

The warehouse worker was also found to have two warrants: a DUI for alcohol/drugs (21352(A)VC) and  possession of marijuana less than 28.5 grams (11357(B)HS). Both warrants were issued by Hawthorne PD.

The bail for the two bicycle charges totaled $325, the two fresh possession charges totaled $40,000 and the two warrants were $35,250. The grand total was $75,575.

There were surely many lessons learned that day, one of the lesser ones being to follow the laws of bicycle operation when there is so much at stake, should one be pulled over by the police.

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