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Los Angeles man arrested after extorting money from and threatening to kill ‘Real Housewives’ star

Photo: Ryan Matthew Geraghty (CBSLA)  A man from Los Angeles has been arrested after he allegedly assaulted, burglarized, and threatened to kill a reality television star. On February 1, 2022,

Los Angeles

Hawthorne Man Popped for Weapons, Burglary Charges

HAWTHORNE, CA—What do you do when you are already a convicted felon out on parole and apparently unemployed? Marcus Joel Parga, 37, was arrested by Hawthorne police officers on Monday,

Los Angeles

Four Young People Charged with First Degree Robbery

INGLEWOOD, CA—What are friends for, if not committing significant felonies and getting caught together and going to jail as a group? Tierney Shellmyer, 19; Shianne Knight Thompson Rolls, 21; Raymond

Los Angeles

Same Charges, Different PDs

INGLEWOOD – Some people never learn, and the multiple charges of the same violations by various police departments (PDs) tends to prove one may need to be schooled with hard

Los Angeles

Burglar on Pot Appears to be Easy to Catch

HAWTHORNE – What is the benefit of having stolen goods, burglary tools and a variety of illicit substances on hand all at the same time, and yet then being stopped

Los Angeles

Guns, Drugs and Stop Signs — Oh, My!

INGLEWOOD – Carrying a concealed weapon in a car while possessing a significant quantity of drugs are serious crimes, and yet isn’t it ironic when a person committing such crimes is

Los Angeles

A Winner at Collecting “Failures to Appear”?

INGLEWOOD —How many “failures to appear” can one collect, and will a career of collecting them count toward one’s retirement benefits? Eric Patrick Rhome, 62, was arrested by Inglewood police

Los Angeles

Hawthorne Couple Arrested For Spousal Battery

HAWTHORNE, CA—Love is…a pair of reciprocal arrests for spousal battery on a late weekday night. Samona Michelle Chretten, 19, and Devon Christopher McKillian, 20, were apprehended by Hawthorne police officers

Los Angeles

Transient Warehouse Worker Arrested For Robbery and Mail Theft

HAWTHORNE, CA—In this day and age of the World Wide Web, many entrepreneurs are trying to be self-contained conception, execution and distribution systems. Some people, however, take a more “hands on”

Los Angeles

Dog Groomer Cleans Up in Warrants After Being Arrested For Assault with Firearm

INGLEWOOD, CA—It’s a dog’s life moonlighting as a collector of warrants and wracking up assault charges, but why bother grooming dogs as one’s day job? Kameron William Cook, 25, was