A Winner at Collecting “Failures to Appear”?

A Winner at Collecting “Failures to Appear”?

INGLEWOOD —How many “failures to appear” can one collect, and will a career of collecting them count toward one’s retirement benefits?

Eric Patrick Rhome, 62, was arrested by Inglewood police officers on Wednesday, June 10 at approximately 7:50 a.m. at the corner of Felton Avenue and Century Boulevard in Inglewood. It is unknown why he was stopped, but his significant rap sheet was lengthened by two new charges: possession of a narcotic controlled substance (11350HS) and possession of a device/paraphernalia for using a controlled substance (11364(A)HS).

As for the numerous prior charges, he had 10 warrants from two police agencies. There were four issued by Inglewood PD (IPD) for failure to obey a police officer (2800VC), possession of a controlled substance (11364HS) and two failure to appears (853.7PC) The other six warrants were issued by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD), and all of them were for failure to appear. Police records did not list the charges that led to the warrants.

Bail for the new charges came out to $1,250; bail for the IPD warrants totaled $23,500; and bail for the LASD came out to $7,995.

It’s unknown if he’ll be out in time to collect social security benefits, let alone if his apparently life-long hobby of collecting warrants will continue.

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