Guns, Drugs and Stop Signs — Oh, My!

Guns, Drugs and Stop Signs — Oh, My!

INGLEWOOD – Carrying a concealed weapon in a car while possessing a significant quantity of drugs are serious crimes, and yet isn’t it ironic when a person committing such crimes is stopped at first simply for running a stop sign?

Christopher Gomez, 25, was stopped by Inglewood police officers on Saturday, June 6 at the intersection of 104th Street and Yukon Avenue in Inglewood. He was presumably stopped for running a stop sign. Gomez was charged with that violation (224500(A)VC) as well as possession of a firearm by a felon (29800(A)1PC), carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle (25400(A)1PC), felony possession of a controlled substance (11377(A)HS), possession of less than 28.5 grams of marijuana (11357(B)HS) and not having vehicle registration (4000(A)VC).

The Inglewood resident’s and occupational landscaper’s bail was set at $71,105. The firearm charges came in at $35,000 each whereas the stop, pot and registration violations were $35.00 each. Despite the disparity between the serious charges and the silly ones that may have led to him being stopped, he’ll need to scrape up a lot of green to get out.

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