Alert Neighbor Films Dog-Abuser

Alert Neighbor Films Dog-Abuser

LANCASTER – Nowadays the odds of unlawful behavior being filmed via a cellphone camera have increased exponentially.  Public misdeeds are becoming less and less private in comparison to a few years ago.

54-year-old Robert Martin discovered this fact last week as his apparently kind-hearted and fast thinking neighbor, Lindsey Cooks, snapped video of Martin abusing a dog. Martin is seen yanking the canine up by its leash and then slamming it down onto the street. For good measure, he purportedly flung racial epithets at his Good Samaritan neighbor.

Martin was arrested on suspicion of felony cruelty to animals.  Animal Control was able to find the dog and determined that it was not seriously injured.  They are holding it at their office.

(The video included in the link depicts graphic violence to the dog)

Picture/video: Lindsey Cooks

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